Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Paroli Strategy

The main advantage of the Paroli system is that, unlike other known systems, where stakes can rise rapidly, you do not need a very large budget to put it into practice.

In addition, you never end up risking an amount that would put your entire bank in jeopardy and therefore players who use it are not faced with difficult situations. For this reason, Paroli is also the ideal system for beginners who do not have huge budgets and do not want to take big risks at the table.

Another advantage lies in the very basic idea of ​​the system: doubling the bet until you register three winning bets. Such series are not at all unusual in roulette, blackjack or baccarat, and by doubling the bet you can make a significant profit in just three rounds of betting.

In terms of disadvantages, skeptics say it’s hard to make a profit if you keep your winnings only if you catch three consecutive winning bets. And it’s true. If you lose at any time before the Paroli series is over you will be down by one unit. And a long series in which you do not reach three consecutive winning bets can become frustrating and at the same time can reduce your budget considerably. Theoretically you can afford 7 losing bets for each series of three winning bets, and for some the system does not seem profitable because it considers that it is too difficult to reach three consecutive winning bets.

However, if you catch a longer positive series you will realize that the Paroli system can bring you profit. However, it is recommended not to stretch the winning sessions too much because you risk losing all the profit made.

Online Roulette Talk System

Online roulette is the perfect game to implement the Paroli strategy, given that you have multiple odds bets 2.

There are players who extend the doubling series to four or more bets, but you have to be careful in these situations because the risk of losing everything becomes higher with each additional spin.

Online Baccarat Password System

The Paroli system can be easily applied to Baccarat , with two odds with odds 2 to choose from: the Banker or the Player, but you have to do it carefully.

The rules remain the same: you choose your bet and what you will place (Banker or Player), after which you will keep the initial bet until you make a win and double it after the winning hands, but you stop after three consecutive wins.

Even if you catch a longer series of losses, think that you need three consecutive gains to make a profit of 7 units.

Online Blackjack Talk System

The Paroli strategy can be applied without problems to Blackjack Online, even if other variables intervene in this game that can put you in a position to bet more than you initially set. So there are small differences from the “classic” straws in quota 2 that you find in Roulette or Baccarat.

First of all, in Blackjack you can end up with a hand equal to that of the dealer (PUSH), in which case you get your money back. There are players who consider these hands to be losers, while others see them as winners. If you use the Paroli system and run into such a situation, the easiest way is to continue with a bet at the same level and ignore the hand in which you received your money back, so as not to upset your calculations.

Then, in Blackjack when you make 21 of the first two cards (Blackjack), the win is not in odds 2 but 3: 2. But this situation is 100% to your advantage, regardless of the betting system used. And in the case of Paroli, if you play Blackjack, look at the extra winnings as a bonus and continue with the rules originally set. Or you can consider the Paroli series over (regardless of the level of bet you have reached) and start over with the initial stake.

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